Friday, May 13, 2016

Aluminum Portrait

This aluminum head results from months of  work.  First I made a clay sculpture.  Then the clay head was surrounded by a plaster mold. Three wax molds were poured so I could finally release the undercut at the back of the head that made it non-draftable.  The wax head was corrected and carved. The finished wax was gated and a ceramic shell of colloidal silica and silica powder was created by a dipping process that had six events.

The ceramic shell was cracked off.

Then the aluminum gates were cut off the sculpture. The face was sanded and then burnished with various tools.  I worked on the base so the sculpture would stand. The unplanned but interesting negative space in front makes the head look like it floats. At a later date, my instructor suggested that I use shoe polish to heighten the contrast in some areas.

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